MINI Compact TV Antennas for Caravans

Antennas delivered to your RV - made in australia

Our antennas are all made in Australia and shipped anywhere within Australia. Their ease of assembly means you don’t need to wait for someone to be able to install it, and don’t have to worry about someone coming out later as they’re maintenance free. Being lightweight, the shipping is affordable.

All our antennas are available to buy online. Shop antennas below or shop the full range.

Australian made, Compact and lighT

Australian made, compact and lightweight, the MiniCompact TV Antenna is an inexpensive, non corrosive and maintenance free solution for your caravan needs.

Easy to assemble, and just as easy to dismantle, MiniCompact have been making TV Antennas for Caravans since 1989, making us your best choice when it comes to TV viewing from your portable home.

The Antenna being portable has many uses eg use it on the back patio, work shed, anywhere you want to have TV! Don’t just leave it in the Caravan after the holidays.


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