SatPlus 3240 b Digital Satellite Meter

SatPlus 3240 b Digital Satellite Meter

AU $159

Our new 3240 b supercedes the older Clearsat 3240 also known as 4200 hd meter and now features a longer lasting lithium battery and super sensitive tuner. Looking for an easy to use satellite meter that guarantees to reduce the time it takes in setting up your mobile caravan sat system?  Look no further.  Our 3240b meter is preset for VAST free to air and Foxtel straight out of the box. Simply switch it on and the meter will display a simple, easy to read signal screen showing both signal strength and signal quality bars.  Simply align your dish until the meter beeps and shows signal quality.  This is represented as a percentage and you really can peak up the dish and LNB for absolute maximum signal.  

This advanced meter is high definition MPEG 4 compatible so can be used for VAST and Foxtel.  Many meters being sold in Australia today are MPEG2 (standard definition) only and can only be used while Foxtel are broadcasting some channels in SD MPEG2.  When they convert all channels to HD, these meters will be obsolete.  However, the 3240b is future proof and will continue to work after these changes have been made.

The SatPlus 3240b features an easy to navigate menu and we will preset it for use with VAST and Foxtel so it will be ready to use straight out of the box.  Set your dish to the correct elevation and rotate the dish until the meter indicates LOCKED and a continuous beeping is heard.  

With its built in lithium battery, the meter can be connected directly to the dish with no need to be dragging cables behind you.  Includes recharger, carry strap and rubberised sleeve for protection against accidental drops.